Family apartment

Apartment with two air spaces

A building containing 4 apartments. Each apartment has two air spaces, air-conditioned, with terraces, equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.


Studio apartment

An apartment with one air space

4 comfortable apartments, each with one air space, terrace, well-equipped kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom.



8 comfortably furnished rooms

8 comfortably furnished rooms are at our guests disposal.




The city of Hévíz in Southwest-Hungary, in Zala County, is the centre of the small region of Hévíz. The world famous natural peat-bed medicinal lake can be found here. The history of the bathing place reaches back to pre-historical times. The healing properties of the Lake of Hévíz may have already been known by the Romans, which is supported by the coins collected from the lake by divers in the beginning of the 1980s and the altar stone found in the vicinity of the lake. Findings from the age of the migration of peoples also refer to the fact that the lake was used by both the German and Slavic peoples who came here. Hévíz was first mentioned in writing in a charter from 1328, when the settlement was called locus vulgarites Hewyz dictus. The city of today was established by the merging of the settlements of Hévizszentandrás and Egregy in 1946.

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The southwest corner of Bakony, the Keszthely Mountains and the Kisalföld Tapolca pool connecting valley Sümeg. The city can easily be reached from the north shore of the lake is like Zalaegerszeg, Győr, Veszprém direction. Sümeg Hungary, Pannon as a small jewelry box, referred to as the pearl of the Baroque era. Best-known monument is the Castle, which is on Route 84 in the town to be seen arriving from afar, and which offers a number of attractions to visit. If Sümeg visit, do not miss the frescoes Maulbertsch parish church,

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A unique attraction in Central Europe, in the Lake Cave, located in the heart of the city. Tapolca natural rarity, well-sinking in 1903, when it was discovered ten years later was opened to visitors. The karst cave system formed by the three levels of the lower and upper halls of flights to some 19 degrees Celsius of water. This boat about 300 meters to walk around. The varying depths in clean water visible in the lower halls leading maturities as well. The Sarmatian limestone caves formed by the inclusion of particular interest in lakes, are greenish waters - after a break of a few years - from 1998 back to boating. The cave is a special curative effect of climate has long been recognized. The relatively constant temperature around 20 degrees Celsius, close to 100% relative humidity and a very clean air for allergy, asthma and other respiratory disease help.

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The Szigliget Castle is part of the nation's history. This symbol may be waiting for a continuous renewal of the country. Steadily built four centuries, renewed, and the castle system has become an important bastion. Was a mainstay of the country. The castle can be visited throughout the year, during the hours. Not many people know that the Queen of Hill-looking skirt foundation walls of a castle in the ground and hid in the bushes. The beach is 182 m high above the hill height. In April, 1956, made ​​after a small archaeological ruins become known to a floor plan layout. Szigliget attractions include Esterhazy Castle, which is 29 pcs guest rooms, 10,000-volume library, in your kitchen, restaurant, terraces, observation tower, the Community's premises, nature protected park, reasonable prices and friendly hospitality. Avas church Szigliget maybe this is the oldest building of the church, among those that are still available.

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Badacsony is known by many as the most important and most frequented holiday resort of Balaton. To others the name stands for a 438 metre high volcanic mountain, which offers wonderful tourist lines in every season of the year. Badacsony and its surroundings is a popular, lively, busy tourist centre on the north-western shore of Lake Balaton. Badacsony is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts and excursion areas of the Balaton Highlands and the home of world-famous fiery wines. Its unparalleled, unforgettable beauty makes it excellently suitable for excursions and tours. The top of the Badacsony Mountain can be reached simply on tourist routes, the 379 steps of the "Stairs of the Outlaws". From the mountain-top of 438 metre height a splendid panorama opens to the Badacsony landscape, Lake Balaton, the southern shore, the surrounding mountains, and the Szigliget Bay.

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Kis-Balaton has been a strictly guarded natural reserve since the 1920s, and forms part of the Balaton Highlands National Park together with the Keszthely Mountain.
The Kányavári Island is a part of the acutely protected Kis-Balaton, which can be freely visited without a guide. It can be accessed from the road between Sármellék and Balatonmagyaród. Visitors can reach the island through a spectacular wooden bridge. The 13-stage information system introduces the bird species of Kis-Balaton. The frequently seen great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus) served as the basis of the educational path’s symbol. The Great Crested Grebe Educational Path was formed in the Kányavári Island of the Kis-Balaton region, which is a highly frequented are of the Balaton Highlands National Park (accessible from the road between Zalavár and Balatonmagyaród).

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